Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wikipedia's List of Photo Sharing Sites

organize and share photos
Upload 30 images per month for free or pay 20 € a year to get unlimited upload

free image hosting, no registration required, uncensored
unlimited storage for 547x410 pix reduced images

Free image hosting, registration required
Unlimited storage for 547×410 pix reduced images, also unlimited resolution and size for paying BDB HD users, costing approximately equivalent to $10.5 a year
free image hosting
Storage space varies depending on account (50 MB - unlimited).

free image hosting, ad-free, no registration required
(unlimited) 8MB per photo

social image hosting - all uploads done via email, no registration required (unlimited) 10MB per email

Flickr Open (Yahoo! login)
100MB monthly upload limit (10MB per photo), max 200 images viewable (free account. If a free account is inactive for 90 consecutive days, it will be deleted.

Free registration photo sharing service and communication portal. 50MB for free, unlimited storage for $30/year

Europes largest community for non-professional Photographers different membership-models, starting free

Photoblogging. Popular in South America.
The free version is ad-supported, and limits users to uploading one picture per day
Paying members can upload up to 6 pictures a day
Portfolio and photo sharing service.
250MB for free, Premium service gives 2GB/year, ad-hoc increments in one-off fee.
Imagehosting and photo sharing service.
20MB File Size per Images - Free Sign-UP - Host as many images as you want.

free image hosting, no registration required

GazoPa Bloom
flower photo sharing service

free signup
GotSharing? Its Good For The File! Free Unlimited Photo Hosting! Good For Twitter
2 MB Limit Free image hosting with no registration required. Top ranked in Google for image hosting keyword.

5th largest photo hosting service

Free Registration(Required for hosting); Photo Sharing
Unlimited images, 10MB per image, 1024x768
75 images for free accounts. Unlimited for pro accounts.

Impress on me
Image hosting service for the sharing of found images, registration required
JPEG, GIF, PNG, hot-linking allowed

Photo/video sharing, Groups, Blog
Unlimited image display/storage for paying users (200MB p/month upload, only last 1000 displayed with free account)
Free Image hosting service no registration required, Blogs, Spoofs
JPEG, GIF, PNG, hot-linking allowed

free hosting of galleries created with Jalbum software
30mb of space given for free accounts, upgrade to 1gb space for €19/year

Kodak EasyShare Gallery
free registration service, archiving photo service for $25/year
used to be unlimited low-resolution, paid users can download high-res images that they've uploaded. New minimum purchase requirements 3/09: $4.99/yr for 2GB or less, $19.99/yr for more than 2GB.

Free Registration, customizable galleries & folders.
Unlimited storage

Memeo Share
Free photo and video exchanging software, files are shared desktop to desktop without being resized.
1GB is free, Premium account is $4.95 a month

photo sharing service in The Netherlands
1 GB after free registration

MobileMe Web Gallery
subscription service
10GB (standard level)

online photo sharing and backup
5GB free after registration, 25GB and more with subscription

free image and video hosting
(unlimited) 20MB per photo. Supports nested folders structure. Requires to 'keep your account in good standing', i.e. buying stuff from them (or their partners) every 365 days.

free registration service
Unlimited provided the photos comply with the Google Earth Photo Acceptance Policy

Photo Art Gallery
Free photo sharing site for emerging photographers. Buy and sell photo prints and canvases. 2GB

free registration service
500 mb free storage (25 GB with paid PRO account)

free registration service
GB of photos for free space, then $5/20GB per year

free registration service
free registration service

free registration service (organize, learn, share, print, sell photos) JPEG, PNG, GIF
1 GB of photos for free space, then $79/unlimited per year
Free registration

Re-live experiences through images. Automatically sort and classify your pictures from Facebook, Flickr or Picasa. Free service accessible with Facebook account.
No limit as images are stored on other services.
Free Image hosting service for the sharing images, direct upload from URL or from local path, registration is optional.
GIF,JPG,PNG,BMP,size limit of 1MB for unregistered users, 2MB for registered, hot-linking allowed, unlimited bandwidth.
Easy and free screenshot sharing.
One click publishing. Provides program.

Collect photos from Gmail, Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook, organize, and share photos.
No registration: OpenID (Yahoo! and Google) and Facebook Connect (Facebook)login
free storage for images extracted from Gmail

free registration service

Snapfish free registration service
also provides services for Costco's online photo processing store unlimited, pay per download
free registration service.

free image hosting, no registration required

free registration service

free registration service
Unlimited uploads and unlimited storage for ALL users.

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